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Thank you for taking a moment to find out a little more about One Crafty Cock. We are a small creative company producing personalised crafts, gifts and homeware type products that was setup after two old school friends, who used to sit together mucking about in their school art classes daring each other to drink paint coloured water and doing their best to sabotage each other’s ‘drawings’ whilst attempting not to draw the attention of the teacher many years ago, talked each other into starting a new business together over a few beers!… Obviously this is how all new businesses start we’re sure!

Starting out on our journey in late 2016 it’s fair to say we had no real idea where we were heading at that stage, only that we were both seeking a new adventure and both shared a gut feeling that our idea was a direction we wanted to explore and would be something which we’d be able to have some fun with along the way. In our usual style we decided to give it ago on a wing and prayer, we jumped in at the deep end and bought some kit we couldn’t really afford and then set about figuring out how to use it and how to begin bringing some of our ideas to life.

As 2017 progressed we were still finding our feet but beginning to make some sales through the use of social media and word of mouth locally but the need to come up with a business name was becoming increasingly important… and frustrating! Everything we came up with felt boring or didn’t seem to capture what we wanted our burgeoning business to be… in fact we were still working out what we wanted our business to be!

As two young (ish!) male ‘craft makers’ we perhaps didn’t fit the traditional stereotype and we needed something that would allow us to cater for our eclectic range of product ideas, something that would allow us to design stylish creations as well something that would allow us to be slightly offensive or edgy when we wanted to have some fun… and of course we’d have to tell our mates in the pub what we’d called the business so we needed to get a laugh out them or we’d an easy target when it came to giving out a bit of stick! Yes, that really was an important consideration!

Well, eventually the name ‘One Crafty Cock’ with the idea of a Cockerel emblem was put forward in a moment of inspiration. A bit of a double entendre gave us the amusing, fun and somewhat edgy name we thought would be memorable without ‘pigeon holing’ us to one type of product or equally (we hope) causing offense to anyone that may be of a slight more sensitive nature! Most importantly though it got some amusing (sniggering!) laughs as we tested it out on people we knew… trying to keep a straight face when telling the bank manager what the business was to be called whilst opening a bank account wasn’t the easiest, but it did get a highly amused reception and instantly arose intrigue which was just the reaction we’d been hoping to achieve! And there we had it, our business was now officially called One Crafty Cock and there was no going back, infact it was onwards and upwards!

By the end of 2017 we had produced enough products to have done our first craft stalls and to launch our website. Our confidence in our idea was building and our appetite to continue on the journey we had begun carries on growing everyday… we sincerely hope you like our products, all of which we design and make ourselves, and we hope you continue to buy in to our eclectic mixed of designs and the fun and free natured creative ethos of how we hope our business will continue to develop!

Thanks for being part of our Journey!

Mark & James

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Bespoke, British & Hand Crafted

At One Crafty Cock we are happy to be able to say we are a small, independent British business designing, crafting and producing products with our own fair hands. We are proud to be based in the heart of Yorkshire’s Bronte Country in the midst of a rural ecomomy but we won’t let our rural roots take away from our eclectic designs and our wish to sell our products to a broader audience using the power of the digital world we now embrace so heavily!

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